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La Gallina Turuleca

Directed by: Eduardo Gondell, Víctor Monigote

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Movie poster Turu. W pogoni za sławą
Original title: La Gallina Turuleca
Runtime: 81 min.
Production: Hiszpania/Argentyna , 2019
Release Date: 17 July 2020
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Eduardo Gondell, Víctor Monigote
Cast: Eva Hache, Jose Mota, Ana Angeles Garcia

"Turu. In pursuit of fame "is a dancing and singing animation about a musical talent straight from the henhouse. The story of a mischievous hen that is pulsating with Latin rhythms, full of animals, transforms from an ordinary tap into a big stage star. Sympatyczna "Turu" is a film adaptation of one of South America's most-loved children's books, which was transferred to the cinema screens by producers of the unforgettable and Oscar-winning "Evity". Perhaps she hates eggs - but believe me - this koko is really cool and you will drink her with a spout!

Due to its funny appearance and the fact that it cannot lay eggs, Turu is a source of jokes for the whole house. Everything changes when Isabel - a retired music teacher takes the mole to her farm. There is also an incredible discovery. It turns out that Turu has extraordinary talent. Not only can he speak in a human voice, but he can also sing wonderfully. Isabel, however - for fear that other people might want to use the tap for his own purposes - decides to keep her secret secret. Unfortunately one day there is an unfortunate accident. The woman falls from the roof and loses her memory ... When the ambulance takes her to the hospital, Turu remains alone and unprotected. The brave little one does not break down, however, and decides to set out on a journey to find a friend. During the meeting he meets little Mateo, son of the circus owner. Together they create a spectacle that brings Turu great publicity. Despite the fame and stage success, the singing tap does not intend to give up the mission of finding her beloved Isabel.

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