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1. Maleficent 3D
2. The Hundred-Foot Journey
3. How to Train Your Dragon...
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. A Most Wanted Man
6. Edge Of Tomorrow
7. Deliver Us from Evil
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja...
9. Transformers: Age of...
10. The Nut Job

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A Most Wanted Man
Barbie and the Secret Door
Blood Ties
Blue Ruin
Deliver Us from Evil
Dinomom 3D
Edge Of Tomorrow
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Guardians of the Galaxy
Hardkor Disko
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Into the Storm
Les vacances du petit...
Magic in the Moonlight
Maleficent 3D
Now You See Me
Planes: Fire & Rescue
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Rio 2
Rio, Eu Te Amo
Sex Tape
Teenage Mutant Ninja...
The Expendables 3
The Giver
The Hundred-Foot Journey
The Nut Job
The Purge: Anarchy
The Wolf of Wall Street
Tinker Bell and the Pirate...
Transformers: Age of...
Yves Saint Laurent



29 August
Barbie and the Secret Door
Droga wolna
Rio, Eu Te Amo
Hoje Eu Quero Voltar...
The Wind Rises
22 August
10.000 Km
Blue Ruin
The Giver
Magic in the Moonlight
Rock Ba-Casba
15 August
Tinker Bell and the Pirate...
The Expendables 3
Les vacances du petit...

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5 September
As Above, So Below
Little Crushes
My Dog Killer
Sin City: A Dame to Kill...
A Streetcar Named Desire
12 September
Wish I Was Here
A Promise
Wolf Children

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29 August 2014

Film 9849 small 1

Barbie and the Secret Door

Barbie™ wciela się w postać Alexy, nieśmiałej księżniczki, która odkrywa w swoim królestwie tajemnicze przejście i wkracza do dziwnej krainy pełnej magicznych istot i niespodzianek. To właśnie tam Alexa... »

Film 9727 small 1


Film realizowany ponad dekadę w latach 2002-2013. Co roku ekipa filmowa zbierała się i kręciła kolejną część filmu. To wspaniała opowieść o dorastaniu. Bohatera poznajemy w wieku 6 lat, a w końcowej... »

Film 9850 small 1

Droga wolna

Trip of a lifetime of three Polish riders including Ukraine, Romania, Georgia and Turkey. 10 000 km in response to the question of freedom in the system of obligations and limited time. Unexpected traces... »

Film 9814 small 1


Here are some really crazy comedy vibe referring to the famous film by Sophia Coppola's "Lost in Translation".

Perfect in every way - this term is ideally suited to Erika. She's beautiful, successful... »

Film 9851 small 1

Rio, Eu Te Amo

RIO, I LOVE YOU to trzeci film zrealizowany w ramach cyklu Cities of Love według pomysłu francuskiego producenta Emmanuela Benhiby. Na ekranach kin gościły już Paris, I Love You (Zakochany w Paryżu) i... »

Film 9852 small 1

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

Leonardo jest niewidomym nastolatkiem, który chciałby uniezależnić się od swojej nadopiekuńczej mamy. Planuje wyjechać na semestr do zagranicznej szkoły, co nie do końca podoba się jego przyjaciółce... »

Film 9441 small 1

The Wind Rises

Japoński kandydat do Oscara 2014 dla najlepszego filmu animowanego.

Zainspirowany konstrukcjami włoskiego inżyniera lotnictwa GIanni Caproniego Jiro od najmłodszych lat śni o lataniu i podniebnych... »

22 August 2014

Film 9844 small 1

10.000 Km

An unusual and touching love story. Barcelona. They - both beautiful and young. Together plan a future together. One day she gets an email invitation to the annual internship to Los Angeles. We observe... »

Film 9845 small 1

Blue Ruin

Niektórych rzeczy nie da się zapomnieć. Niektóre rzeczy nie dają zapomnieć o sobie.

Dwight Evans (Macon Blair) mieszka na plaży w swoim starym samochodzie i jest samotnikiem z wyboru. Jego spokojne... »

Film 9846 small 1

The Giver

Filming of the global bestseller, Lois Lowry, one of the most awarded American youth novels of recent decades. The visionary story about a world where people have forgotten what they are love, memory,... »

Film 9847 small 1

Magic in the Moonlight

Woody Allen returns to France, where he created the biggest hit of his career - "Midnight in Paris." Action master of the brilliant new comedy joke is set in the picturesque scenery of the Côte d'Azur,... »

Film 9848 small 1

Rock Ba-Casba

Awarded at the International Film Festival in Berlin, Israeli director feature debut is a powerful witness of the war between Palestine and Israel.

Year 1989 takes the first Intifada, the Palestinian... »

15 August 2014

Film 9841 small 1


"Beavers" is a black comedy, which is dominated by irony, grotesque and absurd. This is the story of making dreams come true and life in harmony with itself.
"Beavers" is the name of the now defunct... »

Film 9843 small 1

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy

Tinker Bell and her talented friends set off on an adventurous expedition to recover the magic dust, stolen from the Havens of the Elves by a mysterious Zarina. In the course of searching the whole world... »

Film 9838 small 1


From the very beginning of his film works director and screenwriter LUC Besson creates some of the best and toughest female characters on the screen. The group, which included the heroine of "Nikita" /... »

Film 9839 small 1

The Expendables 3

If you thought that in the first and second part of the "indestructible" seen it all and nothing you will not be able to surprise, accept challenge by the creators of the third part, which is even more... »

Film 9765 small 1


The post-war Paris. For a small, modest apartment is introduced young writer
Violette Leduc. Abandoned by her husband, is forced to start all over again. He decides to take up writing seriously, and... »

Film 9840 small 1

Les vacances du petit Nicolas

New Thanksgiving is full of charm and humor filming stories by René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempégo that fifty years are the favorite reading and entertainment for future generations. The adult cast of... »

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